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  • 03-15-2017


    Pdf references from SRUG


  • 03-14-2017

    The day of Pi 2017

    Seeing π at the end of the tunnel.

    patterns, sequence, sampling

  • 02-01-2017

    The lightness of Ideas

    A short thought why people should be sketching.
    Illustration image.

    creativity, iterations, learning

  • 01-29-2017

    Gutenberg stripes

    Printing text as color blocks with R.
    In loving memory of text positioning.

    cognitive science, Gestalt laws, linguistic

  • 12-21-2016

    Xmas card with R

    Animated and retro xmas card by misusing statistical software.
    Happy holidays.

    retro, animation, alternative

  • 12-12-2016

    Time series of a triptych

    Abstract java approach to painted art.
    Time series analysis with Processing.

    color theory, databases, image processing

  • 11-20-2016

    Windy movember

    The best conversation topic of all time: the weather.
    Animations and API calls via R.

    animation, spatial data, open data

  • 10-30-2016

    eRum 2016 // Poznan

    R users gathered in Poland.
    Summary of the experience.
    Poster with R.

    R community, R user meeting, data art

  • 10-20-2016

    Fame by name

    About naming an R package.
    Infographic with R.

    R architecture, infographics

  • 08-06-2016


    Posters from a scratch to results.

    data art, transformations

  • 07-03-2016

    Confused/excited Neo

    The plot of the Matrix.
    Analysis and a poster with R.

    text mining, analysis, time series

  • 05-15-2016

    Package Control

    What is default R installation made of?
    Posters with Illustrator.

    R architecture, analysis, networks

  • 04-28-2016

    (De)pressed song

    Plotting the Rolling Stones.
    A lyric poster with R.

    emotions, text analysis, vectors

  • 03-28-2016

    Metropolitan area of monsters

    HSL route map.
    The He-Man edition with R and Illustrator.

    networks, spatial, maps

  • 03-14-2016

    Where is π going ?

    Posters for the great Day of π with R.

    patterns, sequence, orienteering

  • 03-13-2016

    L33T way of literature

    Textual poster with R.

    text mining, languages, transformations